Director's Message

          Welcome to the website of John Tu & Thomas Yuen Center for Functional Onco-Imaging (CFOI) at the University of California, Irvine. Our center is known for our pioneer work in the development of novel multi-modality imaging systems -- combining anatomical imaging modalities (MRI and CT) with functional imaging modalities (optical and nuclear medicine imaging) for various clinical applications. Since our founding in 1994 we have established a strong imaging research community at UC Irvine.

          In addition to developing cutting-edge medical imaging technologies, our center also plays a critical role in supporting many imaging studies for the members of the brain imaging community and the Cancer Center at UCI. We offer comprehensive training in the medical imaging field to undergraduate s, graduate students, and post-graduate trainees (MD and PhD) in the development of hardware, reconstruction algorithms, and computer-aided image analysis software. Our students come from a diverse background, including Physics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering. Please explore the website to see the broad range of studies that we are working on and the publications.

Ming-Ying Su, PhD
Director & Professor

July 2012